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The Liga product suite

The Liga product portfolio is a great example of how we fight for the right to be safe. Our products are tailored to specific security scenarios and developed for true passwordless authentication.

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Liga LocalID is the easiest tool for implementing locally issued Microsoft CA certificates as a two-factor authentication using a smart card with a personal PIN.

GlobalID box.


Liga GlobalID is a universal 2-Factor authentication enrollment solution for any organisation. GlobalID enables a fully integrated process-lifecycle of a user.

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Integration with the Danish digital identity infrastructure through the use of national eIDs.

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Liga represents some of the industry’s best manufacturers of solutions that promote security and safety in the digital age. We connect manufacturers with a fine-meshed network of competent distributors and dealers for the greatest possible reach and relevance in the market.

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NSIS & NemLog-in3


Anskaf din NSIS eller NemLog-in3 løsning til særpris netop nu, hvis du arbejder kommunalt eller i uddannelsessektoren.

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